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What access should I request?

You should always start with your manager or supervisor to determine what applications and resources you need access to. 

How do I digitally sign PDF forms?

To digitally sign PDF access forms, use your VT-issued Personal Digital Certificate (PDC) see the following instructions:

  1. How to obtain a VT-issued PDC
  2. How to use your PDC to digitally sign PDFs

Who approves access?

This varies by the resource you are requesting access to. However, generally, there are two approvals for most resources:

  1. Approval from an approver in your department (who is a Dean, Director, or Department Head  - DDDH)
  2. Approval from the relevant Data Stewards.

Enterprise Resources

User Accounts

  • Hokies ID (Active Directory)

Service Accounts

IT Resources

Network Access

Physical Access

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Having account or access problems? Open a support ticket with 4Help:
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